#Deserta by Ariadna Arnés

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#Deserta by Ariadna Arnés


#Deserta by Ariadna Arnés

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Ever since I started traveling to the Arabian Peninsula in 2008, I have felt the need to share my story, my distinctive, intense experiences as a woman in a country of men.

I do it here in these five chapters, small interlocking stories that all crisscross the same terrain.

# is my experience. My 101 nights in the Middle East.

Over these years, I have seen things I would never have believed, things that surprised me, unsettled me and made me laugh. Yes, it is a #strangeplace.

I have lived in luxury hotels with views of the sea in gray cities that were under construction, and I have looked out each and every window of my room. These are the #photosfrommywindow.

And I have been bored in these rooms, bored of waiting and of myself. In a country where there is little that women can do, boredom can transform into creativity, and I become the observed and the observer at the same time; I am #thegirlwhogetsboredinhotels.

After so many trips and so many hours waiting in airports, those common spaces where we cross paths with everyday people, I have ended up loving them. Yes, #Iloveairports, full of people, of dawns and dusks, of haste and waiting, of interrupted dreams.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without my friends, my companions, those who I look to, who are always there.

Thank you #friends.

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